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Swim With The Manatees!!!

Homosassa River, Florida

*  Offered  November  ~  March  *


Let Us Give You An Amazing Experience Swimming With The Manatees!

This is truly a magical once in a lifetime experience for most people so we make sure to provide you with the best memorable time you’ll never forget!!!

Manatees are the most humble and docile aquatic mammals that make the beautiful crystal clear springs their home in the winter time. This gives you the opportunity to get in the water and have a up close and personal experience swimming with them! Manatees are naturally curious and often social in the wild so it’s very common to have an incredible playful interaction with them, or possibly even a lovable manatee kiss.

$80 Per Person  ~  3.5 Hours

Time: 8:00am  

* Best Time To Have An Encounter *

What's Provided:

*  Wetsuits,  Mask / Snorkel  &  Float *

* 3 Hour Magical Manatee Encounter *

* Private Boat For A Personable Experience *

* Experienced & Knowledgeable Captain To Guide You During Your Encounter *
* Best Experience & Memories Of A Lifetime!!!

The beautiful rivers and springs is critically important for the survival and well being of manatees! Swimming with them is a privilege that we take very seriously. It is very important to respect their space and not disrupt their natural behavior. 

On the boat ride to the springs we teach you all about manatees and how to have a fun time in the water with them while following the legal requirements known as ' Manatee Manners '. 

Bundle & Save!

Looking for more fun? 

Add another adventure to your itinerary and save big! 

Call or email for Package Deals!   352-422-1122

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